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Create an inventory list

Ohio Department of Insurance Director Mary Jo Hudson is reminding Ohioans to create an inventory of items in their home. The inventory will be useful in the event a homeowner needs to file a claim to replace or repair anything damaged in their home. A home inventory checklist can be found at the Department of Insurance web site, www.insurance.ohio.gov. "Disasters can strike without notice or warning," said Director Hudson. "If something does happen to your home and possessions are damaged or destroyed, having an updated home inventory can make the claims process a smooth one."

Home inventory lists should include: the item purchased, the price of the item, the date the item was purchased, and the brand name of the item.

Also it is helpful to take a photograph or video tape of the items on your home inventory. Once you have completed your home inventory, check with your insurance company or agent to determine your available coverage and what, if any, additional coverage you may need. Remember to store your home inventory list in a safe place away from your home, like a bank safety deposit box. Meet with your agent to discuss any questions you may have about your policy and to assure that your property is covered in case of a disaster.

Ohioans with questions concerning insurance are encouraged to call the Department's consumer services hotline, 1-800-686-1526. Additional tips and more information about insurance, including a link to the Insure U web site, can be found at the Department's web site, www.insurance.ohio.gov